Yendor is an Low-fi Dance artist based in LA. He has been influenced by Rihanna, SZA, Jhene Akio, Bonobo, Tycho, Moses Sumney, Billie Eilish, Radiohead and SADE.  The voice is unique and instantly recognizable. The 6th Album, "EKG" was released in June 2021 with single, "Rideboy" leading the way. The album is a rocking club sound with beautiful soaring melodies and clever lyrics. Yendor has had two singles at #1 on the 'Alt Queer Radio Station' LIVE365: "Mouth" (Blue Cologne 2018) and "Intuition" (Lipstick 2019).  Yendor has an androgynous style, performing in heels with a touch of mascara and contour giving light and shadow points of views on sex, life and love after dark.

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“Anarchy when you do those things you do.”

Prince Albert

New Album "Anarchy"

Anarchy Album Release April 19th, 2024

“ANARCHY” is dedicated to the late Brysin, a dear friend. With edgy drumbeats and dreamy piano tunes, this album is set to paint your world a whole different color.

Album "Fetish"

"Fetish" serves up a steamy, tantalizing vibe influenced by chillhop and soft rock. This album dives into all those naughty thoughts with a fun twist. Take a bite. See if you like the taste. 



Album "EKG"

"EKG" is a high energy Low-Fi Dance Album with a touch of Hip-Hop. It is a fusion of lyrical influences from Radiohead but with the delivery of Rihanna. "EKG" is a fresh interpretation of the Hip-Hop artist. 

"A really well done and complex production and arrangement"” - Chris Jones

— LA Producer (Jonezen Music)

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"Rideboy" Music Video

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Promo Pics for "EKG"

Promo Pic for "EKG"

Promo Pic for "EKG"

Promo Pic for "EKG"