Press Release


LOS ANGELES JUNE 11TH- "973754 records dk" IS THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE the LGBTQ, LA BASED MUSIC ARTIST, YENDOR, is releasing 6th album. 


Recorded at Zoom Recording Studios in Los Angeles, ‘EKG’ explores themes of sex, self-reflection, heartache, and relationships (including those illicit encounters one might find on a grungy dance floor at 4am). The new project was born out of loss of love, but gain of self, and fluctuates from chill pop to rock with ease.  

"EKG" is a nod to the heartbeat, where hypnotic rhythms meet, without fear of ever flatlining. The release continues an artistic journey dedicated to a dynamic fusion of different genres, slick beats, and confessional songwriting. Yendor says, “My music is about celebrating one’s authentic self and embracing diversity – moving beyond your comfort zone.”  

Yendor started his music career in 2018 with the launch of, “Glow in the Dark”; a lofi electronic soul album that celebrates queer identity against a backdrop of pulsating beats and captivating storytelling. Yendor bends traditional ideas of gender with progressive fashion, including his signature 6-inch heels and oversized t-shirt that doubles as a dress. Sound Engineer Charlie Brite reflects, “Yendor isn’t afraid to be himself and the music will transport you to the club!”  

His Instagram Live Show in 2020, promoting the album “Pink Limo”, is now available on YouTube.  "Pink Limo" was received well, gaining over 20,000 monthly listeners. His catalog has two #1 singles on Alt Queer Radio: “Mouth” (Blue Cologne, 2018) and “Intuition” (Lipstick, 2020).     

The first single from EKG, ‘Ride Boy’, was accompanied by a music video released May 21.  Filmed in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the urban graffiti stage was a natural fit for the up-tempo track and managed to attract some unwanted attention.  Yendor confesses, “Yea, the cops actually showed up and watched the show for a minute. After seeing I was just living my best 6-inch heel life, dancing in a cut-off shirt and bootie shorts, they went on to bigger business." 

The release of "EKG" coincides with Pride Month and will be available across all major streaming platforms on June 11th.  Visit to find out more about upcoming live performances, merchandise, and special events. Subscribe to join the ‘Yendor Fan Club’ for even more exclusive access!