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Anarchy Release April 19th, 2024

The "Anarchy" Album Launch is set to rock the same weekend as the artist's birthday bash! This musical masterpiece pays tribute to a dear friend who left us too soon this year, Brysin- a true supporter and confidant.

Expect a different vibe this time around with a mix of mellow tunes and catchy beats. Dive into the curated journey starting with the sizzling track "Prince Albert" and get ready to feel all the feels with the heart-wrenching "Dog Fight". Brace yourself for a darker, edgier sound featuring unique drum rhythms dancing with haunting piano melodies that will linger in your mind.


Fetish Release October 28th 2022

Just in time for Halloween Yendor has managed to create the same sound in songs that sound completely different. There is a feeling and a voice that creates a vibe that permeates the heart no matter the tempo, lyric, or beat. His multiple influences are all over this project. The album begins with a soft rock indie rock song called, "CHOKE". The perfect title to start off an album called FETISH.  Then he takes you on a journey, ending with the latest single, "COLLAR". He has paired it with a dynamic music video that surprisingly creates a playful and eerie disposition to being restrained and left in the middle of nowhere.  Then we travel to the ear-sensory orgasm of "Purgatory". This track has a dance-throbbing beat and heartbreaking lyrics about hooking up with boys in bathroom stalls. This album is not for kids.